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Happy couple with computer after repairCompuClinic is a Provo computer repair shop that provides big results. In fact, we prefer not to call ourselves a computer repair shop at all.  We are very different from other businesses that provide computer repair service because we focus on the big picture, not just a quick repair.  We like to think that we are a total Computer Repair Wellness Center in Provo, UT.  Our goal is to help you get as much as possible out of your computer, and avoid as many future problems as possible.  The best part, is that we can do this at very little additional cost.  In fact, you will save money, and time, in the long term.  Preventing computer problems is far less expensive than computer repair.  CompuClinic specializes in computer repair, virus removal, data recovery, and more. We can also help you hand pick and order laptops, computer parts and accessories, and anti-virus software to better optimize your computer experience.

As your “computer doctors,” CompuClinic technicians don't want to just fix the current problem, but teach you to prevent more from happening. Computer repair should not be something you do often.  Technology is constantly advancing which can often bring unnecessary headache. We are dedicated to assisting you through each step so you can learn to love your computer and the plethora of  possibilities it brings.

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Visit our blog, CompuClinic Rx, for great articles and posts on how to coddle your computer and avoid costly computer repairs. Ask us your questions and we'll answer.





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A Real Life Saver!!!! Our IT guy got sick and we were in the middle of Tax Season and he was able to help us fast efficient and was very creative on helping us open two Satelite offices. Now he is the only one we call for help.

--Amer-Hispana, LLC

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