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We are so excited to have the opportunity to finally answer some commonly asked questions in a place where everyone can get a chance to participate. But, we need YOUR questions! We will do our best to tell you about different systems, steps, or maybe just the simple “how to's” of computers. All questions will be answered on our blog CompuClinic Rx so submit your question via email, our website, Facebook, or Twitter. As we have said before, there are no dumb questions. We can't wait to hear from you. Also, “like” us on our Facebook page for new updates, discounts, and information. Thanks again for supporting your computer doctors at CompuClinic.



DISCLAIMER: Use the information in this article at your own risk. CompuClinic LLC takes no responsibility for any damage to hardware, software, or data as a result of following the advice above. While we do our best to be thorough, if you are not comfortable with anything described above, please contact a qualified technician for help.

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