Every computer repair is unique and because of this, publishing an accurate price list can be difficult.  For this reason, we offer a FREE Diagnostic* in-shop for any problem.  There is absolutely no risk, and there will be zero charges until you have approved a quote.

Most repairs range between $50 and $100.  For reference, here is a list of a few common services and their approximate costs:

  • Laptop Screen Replacement - $50-$75 + Cost of Part (Usually $75-$200)
  • Laptop DC Jack Repair - $150
  • Virus Removal (Always includes a tune-up) - $99
  • Windows Reinstall - $75 or $100 w/ data backup
  • Data Backup - $35 (Customer must bring storage media or purchase from us.)
  • Data Transfer - $50 (1/2 price if new PC is purchased from us)

Everything else is too unique to quote online.  Most services are flat rate, not hourly.  Please call our office at 801-377-1064 for more details.

NOW OFFERING PRIORITY DISCOUNTS! Need your computer fixed, but don't need it today?  Get an additional 20% if you can wait a week.  Not all services qualify.  See store for details.


*There are 3 exceptions to our Free Diagnostic policy requiring an up-front diagnostic fee.

-If your computer is obsolete (ie. it still runs Windows XP or older) - $50 fee

-If your computer is still covered by a manufacturer's warranty (their responsibility) but you would like us to diagnose it anyway - $50 fee

-If your computer was custom built or previously disassembled by anyone other than a professional technician - $50-$150 fee

You will always be notified up-front if your computer falls into one of these categories.  We also reserve the right to charge a diagnostic fee in cases where we have reason to believe a customer intends to use us to find a problem then have the repair completed elsewhere.


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Computer Repair Warranty
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