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Our mission is:Team of Computer Repair Doctors


"To help everyone, young and old, novice or guru, to use technology wisely:

-to work efficiently

-to learn constantly

-to play safely

And to rescue them when necessary."

People usually come to us when they have a problem. Their computer is sick. Sometimes a part is broken. A server is down. Often there is a virus or other malware. This is usually not the first time either. Irregardless, the result is the same. They are tired, frustrated, and looking for help.

There are many experts available ranging greatly in qualifications and price. There is one thing that they all have in common. They are very good at fixing symptoms, without fixing the actual problem. This is why most computer users experience the same problems over and over. Our goal at CompuClinic is to get to the root of the problem and fix it once and for all.

Just as your doctor will tell you that nutrition and lifestyle go a long way towards keeping you healthy, our computer doctors understand that certain factors contribute to the health of your computer. Most problems are preventable. Our aim isn't just to fix these problems, but to help people avoid them altogether.


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Go there if you have computer troubles! I only used my little computer for Skyping with my wife while I traveled, and somehow I got over 200 viruses. Anyway, CompuClinic got it all cleaned up and ready for my next big trip! their prices are great compared to other places, and even give discounts for students and businesses.


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