Tune-Up & Optimization

Is your computer running slow lately? A brand new computer seems to be lightning fast, but after a while, can slow down to a crawl. While there isn't much that can be done about the software bloat that causes this, proper maintenance can get an old computer running like new again.


Basic Tune-Up & Optimization Package $65

  • Visual inspection and light cleaning of PC exterior.

  • Internal dust removal (desktops and some laptops).

  • Brief cooling system check.

  • Visual inspection of internal components (Desktops Only).

  • 31 point hardware test to check 10 vital systems for problems.

  • Clean up temporary & unnecessary system files.

  • Uninstall toolbars, unwanted programs, & bloatware (Limit 5).

  • Stop unnecessary startup programs.

  • Defragment of hard drives.

  • 10 point security analysis including light malware check.

  • Install anti-virus and anti-spyware programs as needed.

  • Check drive health and backup settings.

  • Check event log for Windows errors.

  • Check device manager for errors & driver-less devices.

  • Check Windows Update status and set to update automatically.

  • Optimize system settings.

  • Recommend upgrades as needed.

  • Parental control setup if requested.


Premium Tune-Up & Optimization Package $99

Includes everything from the Basic package plus:

  • Install Windows Updates

  • Check system files for errors & repair as needed

  • Check file system for errors & repair as needed

  • Clean & repair registry

  • Update outdated drivers


Ultra Tune-Up & Optimization Package $149

Includes everything from the Basic & Premium packages plus:

  • Check running temperatures

  • Advanced HDD diagnostics

  • Optimize BIOS & system settings

  • Set-up most maintenance tasks to run automatically



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Awesome! Fast and very good service! Removed our 200+ viruses and got our computer working perfect again. We were very surprised at the next day turn around. Pricing was also a nice surprise, especially if you have ever gone to geek squad or somewhere else. We will continue to use CompuClinic for all of our computer problems in the future.



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